Natural Born Angel – Scott Speer

Natural Born Angel (Immortal City, #2)Natural Born Angel by Scott Speer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Natural Born Angel was a major upgrade from Immortal City, but there were still some….. “just okay” parts that I skimmed through…

Some thoughts:
-Why did we need to read a detective’s POV? It didn’t really contribute to the whole aspect of the story. We could’ve just heard the detective’s findings in either Maddy or Jackson’s POV.
-A lot of the characters were just majorly confused during the whole story. It made me confused too….
-The plot is a lot better than Immortal City though. It’s obvious that the series picks up the pace more in the second book.
-It showed more drama than I needed. I was expecting a paranormal book, but instead it got mixed up with teenagers dealing with hormones and mood swings.
-I love Maddy’s POV. It shows an independent and strong leading female that can make decisions for herself.
-Jackson is really reaaaallllyyyyy selfish. UGH. I love him, but seriously. STOP.

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