Shuffle, Repeat – Jen Klein

Shuffle, RepeatShuffle, Repeat by Jen Klein

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Some thoughts:

-I thought this would just be a cute story, nothing to think about, but I was definitely proven wrong. This books shows two characters with strong opinions on what they believe. They debate about whether high school matters or not. Both characters have very good points and actually make you think about what they’re talking about.
-June and Oliver have such good chemistry, even when they had their respective boyfriend/girlfriend and while they were only friends.
-Sometimes, June can just be really dense to the point that it’s annoying. To the ones who already read this book, you know what I mean…
-Pacing of the book was really well written. The plot and the relationship of the characters developed really well. Not too draggy, not to fast either.
-Oliver is sooooooo cute though! I wish he were real. ❤

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