A Little Something Different – Sandy Hall

A Little Something DifferentA Little Something Different by Sandy Hall

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A Little Something Different had a very unique concept. It was basically the POV of all the people surrounding the two main characters (Gabe and Lea), and their views on why they should get together.

Some thoughts:

-I liked the idea of the author, but not one of the 14 POVs were Gabe or Lea’s. Instead, the book got very ridiculous at some points. (The POV of the squirrel and the bench, for example)
-The author did a very good job of switching POVs. They were all consistent and one voice didn’t affect the though of the author. Each POV had its own unique voice.
-I felt like I could’ve understood Gabe’s character more if I saw from his point of view. Every viewpoint did a good job of describing Lea and how she felt, but I felt that no one actually understood Gabe- not even his own brother. Gabe’s character would’ve held a lot more depth if we knew what he was thinking and/or feeling.
-There were a lot of scenes wherein I was not sure if the author knew what to write. For example:

“She’s good! Her name is Maribel. She’s really funny but not in a mean way. She has incredible hair. I just want to touch it all the time.” -Lea

If the author was trying to make Lea’s character quirky and cute, she failed. This came out just plain weird.



“These orders can’t be right. They’re exactly the same items for two different people in two dorm rooms in the same building.” -Delivery guy

WHAT IS SO WRONG WITH THAT? It’s like they were trying to hard to pair Gabe and Lea up that they made simple occurrences seem like a message from the skies.

-I really think that this book had a lot of potential, but it was bordering on ridiculous most of the time.
-Oh, and one more thing:

Editor: Just because this always amazes me, exactly how long did it take you to write this book?
Sandy Hall: It took me six days.

So that’s why…

-Basically, the hole book was filled with misunderstandings, wrong timings, and
But! I enjoyed reading it as a light, feel-good novel. How you’ll like the book is definitely based on your tolerance OR enjoyment of cheesiness.

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