Love Me Crazy – Camden Leigh

Love Me CrazyLove Me Crazy by Camden Leigh

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Okay, that was explosive… Hey, y’all! Today I’ll be reviewing Love Me Crazy by Camden Leigh. Thank you to Bloomsbury Spark/Bloomsbury USA for providing me with an ARC of this book!

Some thoughts:

-The plot hooked me from the very start. Usually, I deal with my TBRs on a first in, first out basis, but this book was exempted from that rule. Click on the picture above to be redirected to the Goodreads page of this book to read more about it.
-Second thing was the dual POV. Now, I really love dual POVs. I like seeing both sides of the story, and how the male character is feeling about everything. We usually have most of our books in girl’s POV, so it’s nice to read from another point of view once in a while.
-I loved the Cassie! (The heroine). Her character is strong, determined, and overall just isn’t afraid to do what she wants. She can stand up for herself and her beliefs and is unwavering on her opinions (Except, of course, her opinion of her relationship with Quinn.) *insert winky smiley face here*
-NOW, QUINN! He was just perfect, amazing, and just totally made my heart go ka-boom! I loved his side of the story- the way he explained his past and what he felt about it. His character holds so much depth, and he was such an amazing character to unravel.
-The way the story was written was amazing. Thumbs up for that. The plot, for me, is honestly really common nowadays, but it was written… not really in a unique way, but it was executed nicely enough to be worth reading.
-Pacing is a really important factor for me in books, and it was really great in this book. Although, yes, it did take a really long time for the two main characters to actually get together, it wasn’t boring at all. It was filled in nicely with events that would contribute to the story later on or just really entertaining scenes.
-All of the characters had amazing chemistry with each other. Whether it be love or hate, they all interacted so well with each other and in such a realistic way. Everything was just so believable and real.

So, I recommend that you read this book as soon as you can. Go grab a copy when it comes out at September 27, 2016. You really won’t regret it. Leave in a comment whether if you think you would enjoy this kind of book. Why or why not? Happy reading! ❤

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