Crazy Love – Lee Kilraine

Crazy Love (Cates Brothers #3)Crazy Love by Lee Kilraine

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Thank you Kensington Books for providing me with an ARC of Crazy Love by: Lee Kilraine. I enjoyed this book so much that I actually read it in one day. It was fast-paced, straight to the point, and just a really good book.

Some thoughts:

-Although it being a good book, I’d have to admit that the plot was really cliché. It’s a plot you’d commonly see almost everywhere. I already knew what was going to happen throughout the books just by reading the description. Sadly, there were no twists or turns that could’ve made the book more exciting.
-The portrayal of the characters were great. It was written in two 3rd point limited view. One for the heroine and one for the lead male. I loved seeing their emotion and what they’re thinking each page. It was just so realistic, and I loved it.
-Chemistry between the two main characters were really good. I liked seeing how their relationship slowly developed. Well… not exactly slowly, but you know, it developed. They were two interesting individuals with different character traits that were paired up together very nicely. You’ll feel so connected with the characters all throughout the book.
-The book had great pacing, and that’s one of the things I usually observe when reading a book. It can’t be two fast or two slow. I liked how every chapter had something interesting going on. Only very few parts were not contributing to the plot, but all books need those necessary fill-ins.

If you’re curious about Crazy Love by: Lee Kilraine, click on the picture above to be linked directly to its Goodreads page. Be sure to grab a copy when it comes out at October 11, 2016!! Happy reading! ❤

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