Did I Mention I Miss You? – Estelle Maskame

Did I Mention I Miss You?Did I Mention I Miss You? by Estelle Maskame

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

First of all, I’d like to thank SOURCEBOOKS FIRE for this ARC of Did I Mention I Miss You by Estelle Maskame. Sadly, after reading a series of amazing books published by Sourcebooks Fire, this one broke the streak. I was kind of disappointed that this book actually came from the same publisher that brought other mind-blowing books, which you can find on my blog.

Here’s why:
-Albeit hearing a lot of good things about this book from Wattpad, I find that it’s not one of the best books that you could find in Wattpad. Being a Wattpader before, I’ve read a lot of books there, and this book seemed to me like it was one of the many. It didn’t actually make an impact whatsoever that I’d actually remember. It was just okay.
-The plot was all-around cliché and draggy. I’d understand that the author really wanted to make this series a trilogy, but I think that’s kind of pushing it. Maybe a standalone would do better, or maybe even two books in the series, but 3 books made the whole story repetitive. Basically, the heroine is confused and can’t take the heat for things she’s being judged for.
-The heroine is also kind of naive? She hates the guy for things he’s done, but starts falling in love with him again really fast. I’m sorry if some people find this romantic, but I don’t. I guess, for me, she allowed herself to be in the position wherein she’s get to spend time with the main lead although being “mad” at him.
-It came to the point wherein I just really couldn’t finish the book. I actually didn’t get to finish it. I think I left out a few pages, but I already knew the outcome. Its just that predictable. It was so predictable, I could actually skip the last few pages and have it not affect my read in any way.
-Aside from those, I guess the book was okay. It would be something I’d read if I felt like I needed a non-confusing plot. It’s a really straightforward story that plainly about romance. I think that by Wattpad standards, this must’ve been considered a really good book there, because trust me, there are far worse.
-I also appreciated the way the author wrote the male lead. It shows a certain strength that I believe most people should get to read about. It shows a determination to not let things get to you, even if they are really horrible experiences.

This book idn’t really pick my attention, but that doesn’t mean you guys wouldn’t like it. It’s a simple romance that can hopefully brighten up your day. Happy reading! ❤

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