Meet Me Halfway – Kim Carmody

Meet Me HalfwayMeet Me Halfway by Kim Carmody

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Huge thanks to Kim Carmody Books for providing an ARC copy of this book for me to review. I don’t regret any time I spent reading this books because I was just that impressed. LIKE, HOW?! HOW CAN THIS BOOK GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS? It actually did get better with every page.

I actually didn’t give much thought about this book. I was thinking that it was another one of those common football romance novels that are very abundant nowadays. Although having a simple plot, Meet Me Halfway really had a special air to it that had me hooked from the very first page. Fans of Elle Kennedy will definitely appreciate another spectacular football themed romance novel.

One of the best things about this book was its characters. Liv, the heroine is a strong, opinionated woman that made me love her right away. She had this commanding sort of presence from the very start that wasn’t overbearing, but actually endearing. Nate, on the other hand brought out a lot of emotions in me that I can’t really explain. You’d have to read this book yourself if you’d like to find out, but I can guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed. In any way whatsoever. 😉

The relationship between the two was just sizzling. My urge to find out what would happen to them had me reading the entire book in one sitting. It’s not very often that I dedicate that much time to a certain book because I also have a busy schedule myself and was pretty surprised when I found out that I couldn’t control myself from finishing the book.

Last of all, the plot itself had a unique twist because of a certain factor. Click on the book cover icon at the top of this review to read the description and to find out about this certain factor. It was kind of unappealing to me at first, but I soon came to grow to love it.

All together, I can just say that I couldn’t be happier to write a review for this book, and I really appreciate the author’s dedication into writing this book and sharing her brilliance with the rest of the world. If you still can’t feel my urgency to share how amazing this book is, then I’m telling you now: Go read it, and have fun! ❤

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