Heir of Fire – Sarah J. Maas

Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass, #3)Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hey y’all!! I’m so sorry for the long absence. I haven’t been feeling the need to read lately and keeping the blog running is kind of one of the main reasons, well, aside from school. Anyways, let’s get right onto it!

I actually started reading Heir of Fire long ago (maybe last year?), but I didn’t get to finish it until lately. I’m not gonna be biased about my review just because SJ Maas is my fave, so I’m just gonna put it out there. It was slightly boring. AT FIRST. Like any book, you’ll definitely have to go through story build-up. With the plot changing and new characters being introduces, there’s no doubt that we’ll have to be reading the story build- up again. Just be prepared to be patient, that’s all.

The plot flow was really nice as usual. It just gets a bit confusing when the setting starts changing with the chapters. Because of the many main characters of the book and with them being widely spread, different chapters focus on different people. So if there’s something that happens in let’s say Chapter 17, you’ll only see what happens next in Chapter 21.

I also just realized that Maas likes to use entire books to build the story up. Kind of like how the entire first book of the series: Throne of Glass was used to blow everything up in our faces in the second book: Crown of Midnight. I felt like Heir of Fire was exactly like that. The entire book was used to develop our favorite characters even more. Just when I thought Celeana couldn’t get any better, she becomes this FIRE BREATHING BITCH QUEEN!!! Yes I had to include that. No way was I gonna leave that out.

There are also a lot of interesting new characters *ahem ahem* pointing to gorgeous fae prince. I’m not gonna expound more because obviously- spoilers. I’m pretty sure I’m a bit late to the bandwagon, but it’s okay. Better late than never right? Anyway, if you haven’t read it I assure you it will be one helluva ride. I enjoyed it a lot. It just goes to show that a little patience (or in this case a lot) in reading a book can lead to big opportunities like finding out what happens at the end of the book.

If you guys have any questions relating to the book or if you’re thinking of purchasing it but aren’t sure, just message me! I’ll be glad to help out. Also, if any of you want to just talk about it, please contact me. I need to express my emotions, and my family doesn’t understand the heavy emotions I feel at the moment.

And as always, Happy Reading! ❤ Sam

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